motorcycle lock
grip lock, motorcycle grip lock
Lock Cuff / Locks every motorbike & Ebike, quickly and securely!!
grip lock, motorbike grip lock, griplock

Lock Cuff / Locks every motorbike & Ebike, quickly and securely!!

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The newest motorcycle lock has arrived! 

Lock-Cuff (patented pending) there’s  no adjusting. Open the box and lock your bike.

It fits on every motorcycle, E Bike !

It locks your helmet too!

Easy on Easy off, it's compact, lightweight and fits in your pocket, easy storage.

Lock it / Unlock it while sitting on your seat!

You squeeze the brake lever as hard as you can to the center piece locking the brake & throttle.

Unlike other grip locks, this locks your brake and throttle tight!

It's made of 100 % Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel, with a high security lock and a unique locking system unlike handcuffs.

Due to the shape it is extremely difficult to cut with a saw and virtually impossible to cut with a bolt cutter.

Even if you cut the brake cable the throttle remains locked in place with the lever securely lodged in place.

The only choice a thief would have is to roll it away or of course put in the back of a truck, but alas no lock will help then.

Guaranteed to fit your bike!